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Brazilian / Italian, 37 years old, single

Currently residing in Lisbon, Portugal


Has lived in Brazil, USA, Spain, Italy and Portugal.


Sailed the Brazilian coast, Strait of Gibraltar, coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea, Balearic Islands, the Portuguese coast, around the Caribbean (Martinique, ABC, Saint Lucia), England, Azores and across the Atlantic three times.


Single-hand sailor (most of the time), proactive, highly motivated and adaptable. Reliable, team player, problem-solver, self-taught, good interpersonal and communications skills. Cuisine chef (prize-winner on Brazilian SuperChef TV Show), private pilot of airplanes, explorer, expeditioner and filmmaker.


▪     Portuguese (native) and English (fluent)

▪     Spanish (good reading/understanding/speaking and intermediate writing)



▪     Yacht Master Offshore (Power and sailing vessels up to 24m) (by International Yacht Training)

▪     Marine Communication Master VHF (SRC)

▪     International Certificate of Competency (ICC)

▪     Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering

▪     Private Pilot of airplanes (since 2007)

▪     Open Water Diver

▪     Driver’s License (motorcycles and cars)

▪     Filmmaker (photographer, video editor, director), working for the biggest TV channel in Brazil and Portugal


Sailing Experience

▪     Owner of sailing yacht EILEEN (North Wind 44) since 2017, living onboard for 5 yrs (present), sailing the Spanish coast (Mediterranean Sea) and Portugal

▪     Single-hand sailor, from Barcelona (ESP) to Lisbon (POR) on a 44 feet long sailing yacht (+1000NM)

▪     Member of the crew and preparation for 2018 Atlantic Crossing (logistics and food planning)

▪     Atlantic Crossing from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia, onboard ANANTA on a crew of 3 people - ARC 2018 (+2855NM)

▪     Martinique to Bonaire and Curacao - 2019 - (1 week, approximately 530NM)

▪     Atlantic Crossing from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia, onboard TALISMAN on a crew of 4 people - ARC 2019 (+2912NM)

▪     Atlantic Crossing from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia, onboard AMANAKI on a crew of 4 people - ARC 2019 (+2930NM)

▪     Sailing trips (single-hand) around Brazil in 2017 (+1500NM)

▪     Member crew sailing the vessel CALYPSO around Balearic Islands (Formentera, Ibiza and Mallorca) - 20 days, approximately 350NM

▪     Member crew sailing the vessel TORTUGA from Azores to Falmouth and Portsmouth (England) - 14 days, approximately 1500NM

Other Experiences

▪     Worked as actor for the biggest TV Channel in Brazil (TV Globo) since 14 years old (started in 1999)

▪     Hosted TV show “Globo Ecologia“, about sustainability and environment, for TV Globo for 5 years (2009-2014), travelling and documenting for television

▪     Hosted TV show “Expedição Terra“, about sustainable practices in remote communities in Brazil, for TV Globo for 1 year (2014-2015)

▪     Flew around Brazil (from the Amazon Forest to the south and more – approx. 24000NM) in 2015, piloting his own single-engine airplane for the TV show “Sobre as Asas“ (On the Wings), producing, hosting, editing and directing for TV Globo

▪     Flew around Brazil in January of 2020, piloting his own single-engine airplane to capture aerial imagies for TV Globo new drama series (approx. 6300NM)

▪     Lived on a motorhome for 6 months. Drove 21,000 kilometers around Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, producing, directing, editing and hosting the TV show “América do Sul Sobre Rodas“ (South America On the Roads) for TV Globo in 2016

▪     Author of the book “América do Sul Sobre Rodas”, a travelguide about how to travel through South America by land, that became the 6th best seller in the week of its release (2017) in Brazil

▪    Author of the book “Mar Calmo Não Faz Bom Marinheiro”, a biography about expeditions by plane, motorhome and sailboat, that became the 11th best seller in the week of its release (2022) in Brazil

▪     Winner Chef of the cooking reality competition SuperChef in 2012, aired in TV Globo

▪     Open Water Diver with dives in Hawaii (USA), The Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Fernando de Noronha Archipelago (Brazil), Abrolhos Archipelago (Brazil), Caribbean (Netherlands Antilles and México), Algarve (Portugal)

▪     Safari trips in South Africa (2010)

▪     Drone pilot with images captured in volcanos, deserts, oceans, forests, glaciers and big urban centers in South America and Europe



Professional Experiences


Working as an actor, since 14 years old, in more than 15 series aired in primetime, Brazil. Acting in 2 Brazilian feature films (“O Maior Amor do Mundo” and “Uma Professora Muito Maluquinha”). Hosting tv shows since 2009 on TV, mostly about sustainability, environment, nature and science. Won a cooking reality competition in 2016.


Producing, directing, editing, filming and hosting TV shows since 2007, the most famous being “América do Sul Sobre Rodas” and “Sobre as Asas”, for TV Globo Brasil, and “Sem Cortes“, for TV Globo Portugal in Europe (2019).

Para acompanhar esta expedição pelas águas do mar Mediterrâneo e ter acesso ao conteúdo exclusivo gerado por mim, acesse o canal de assinatura do projeto e embarque junto nesta extraordinária jornada.


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